Sunday, May 25, 2003


In that last post I meant that the original Scifiville blog was back online.

Matrix:Reloaded = I was very excited about seeing this film. I loved the first one and decided to do some homework before seeing the sequel. So I rewatched The Matrix and saw the Animatrix short "Final Flight of the Osirus" this afternoon. We then saw the new movie at 8.15pm. Well, what a disappointment that was.

I won't spoil it by giving away the plot but will say that some editing wouldn't have gone amiss. Less romance and more action would have been good. I also thought that the special effects were too cartoony in places. I felt rather cheated as I left the cinema. Not a patch on X-Men 2.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Yes! ScifiVille is Back!!! 

Hopefully it'll stay up! Can't wait to post new pictures of stash and Berlin!
I was hoping to post pictures of my fabulous new stash acquisitions today but that may have to wait for a while. I bought sock wool, of course!, some gorgeous ribbon yarns for summer cardis, fluffy eyelash yarns for scarves and some wonderful textured yarns.

The textured yarns were bought from an interesting shop run by a male knitter - first time I've seen a guy knit in person. Sadly I speak next to no German so we couldn't have a conversation, also I was completely distracted by the yarns in his shop. Most were brands that I'd never seen before but were all interesting.

We actually found the store by chance while trying to find another that had moved. We had stopped off in a cafe for coffee and ice cream and Andy looked up "Wolle" - German for Wool - in a yellow pages they had there. The store we were looking for wasn't listed but this new one was just on the next block.

It was a small shop packed with yarns and some quilters quarters - I was so interested in the yarns that I didn't pay any attention to the fat quarters. Hung all around were knitted garments - some were pretty wayout! But the yarns were very varied and if you're like me and love texture you'd have a whale of a time in this store.

I spent 71.90 euros but he gave me a 1.90 euro discount which was nice of him. As I left Andy was concerned that I hadn't paid or something because the store owner was following us out brandishing the twenty euro note that I'd given him with my payment and chattering away. He excitedly went into the bakery next door so I think he was saying something like "I'm going to get myself a cake now!" or something like that!

Of course now after all that buildup I realise that I don't have the address on me, in it's in Andy's notebook. I will be creating a special Berlin page on scifiville.com once the site is up and running again. I'm really pissed off at whoever has created this DOS attack. They're malicious idiots. I could speak more colourfully about them but I always try and control my language on the blog!
My Webhost is suffering a continued Denial of Service Attack so the SciFiVille blog is down. I've created this new blog as a sort of mirror site to the existing one.

Here's something I posted earlier!

Friday May 23rd 10am-ish!

Guten Tag! I'm blogging from a cybercafe in a Berlin department store. It's our last day but we've had a good trip. I've visited quite a few interesting yarn stores and hope to get to a couple more before we leave later today.

Knitting - I finished the second CTH Wild Cherry sock last night and am on the cuff ribbing of my first Opal 235. I've not very keen on the colour of the 235 sock at all. It's a sort of dirty rainbow striped design. The problem is that where the yellow runs into the blue it produces this nasty muddy green. I will knit the second sock but I expect it t go on the back burner and not be my main knitting. Have to go now, only four minutes left in the cybercafe!

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